Devos - There is a 5 second delay on each one. 


       Ex 17 Prayer - Holding up Moses' Hands 


      Ex 20 Ten Commandments 


      Ex 32 The Day that God Relented 


      Ex 34 The Character of God 


      Lev 1-2 A Pleasing Aroma 


      Ps 27 Fear and Confidence 


      Ps 31 My Times are in Your Hands 


      Ps 32 Mule Headed People 


      Prov 6 Sluggard 


      Prov 6 Troublemakers 


      Matt 21 Faith 


      Matt 25 Doing for the Least of These 


      Matt 26 Extravagant Giving 


      Matt 26 The Day The Rooster Crowed 


      Matt 28 The Great Commission 


      Mk 1 The Place of Prayer 











Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4